Crews Uncover Debris From Lynchburg Hobby Store Destroyed in Fire, Officials Investigating Cause

Lynchburg, VA - Crews are still at the site of what used to be the Collector's Lair on Fort Avenue after a massive fire destroyed the Lynchburg hobby and collectibles store Saturday.

Construction crews demolished the building late Saturday night and worked overnight as fire crews put out remaining pockets of fire.

Workers are uncovering materials that may still be burning - making sure no other parts of the structure can collapse in.

Pieces of what used to make the Collector's Lair can be seen in the rubble - things like baseball cards, comic books and vinyl records.

Crews with the Lynchburg Fire Department have been checking on the debris to make sure there are no hot spots left.

Battalion Chief Keith Johnson says it will be days before the Fire Marshal knows the cause of the fire.

"He is in the middle of the investigation, which includes way more than work here. There are a lot of interviews that are conducted and then the work that is done here will also continue tomorrow."

Johnson says they do believe they know where the fire started, but they won't know for sure until crews start hauling away all the debris and they can continue their investigation.

He also says the smoke will likely be around for a while.

"They may see the smoldering parts of it, but there's no danger of this fire extending to anything else now, but it could smolder for days," he said.

People reported getting brown water in their homes after the fire. Officials say that's normal. When fire crews use so much of the city's water, it can affect the color of residents' water at home. They say it should be back to normal by Monday.