Crews Remove 360-Year-Old Fallen Tree From Lynchburg Backyard

Lynchburg, VA - It took a crane to remove a 360-year-old tree from a backyard in Lynchburg.

The tree outside a home on Link Road fell during a thunderstorm just days after this summer's derecho.

The 60,000 pound tree had to be lifted off the ground so it could be dragged out.

Ed Embrey, the homeowner, called in experts who determined the tree's age by its ring count.

"The tree people, I knew it was something special, cause when the various tree companies came out, they insisted on taking pictures of each other standing in front of it. I knew if it was special to them and they do it as a living, there was something special about it," he said.

The homeowner knows someone who works with reclaimed wood. They hope to make a beam from the tree to be used in the building of a brewery in North Carolina.