Crews in Buchanan Cleaning Up After Flooding

Buchanan, VA - The Town of Buchanan is getting back to normal after this week's flooding.

The biggest trouble plaguing that area was the number of roads that were washed out.

Thursday, crews were hard at work continuing to make necessary repairs.

Meanwhile, the James River is beginning to recede, but it is still well out of its banks.

The rising water was a close call for Cleatus Newcomb, who is in charge of the town's 60th annual carnival.

There was concern the water would get into the buildings used for the annual event.

"We were worried about the level it was going to get but we lucked out here. We didn't have no damage; just a little mud to take care of but other than that we're in good shape," said Newcomb.

That carnival begins June 27 and runs through July 6.