Crews Cleaning Up After Fuel Spill on Route 460

Clean-up Friday Morning

Reporter: Lauren Compton | Videographer: Brian Whitesell

Montvale, VA - Clean-up crews in Montvale are making progress clearing the mess left behind from a tanker accident Thursday.

VDOT closed part of Route 460 in Montvale after a gasoline truck overturned spilling thousands of gallons of gas and diesel. Adam Henry of Lynchburg was killed in that crash.

Friday, the Department of Environmental Quality visited the site. Officials say most of the contamination has been cleared, but they are still expecting it to be weeks before the area will be re-opened.

They say the clean up process is very time consuming. Crews have to dig up the soil, remove it and then backfill the area. So far crews have removed about 2,500 tons of soil. They do this to prevent the fuel and diesel from being soaked up into the groundwater.

Now DEQ officials have turned their eyes to some nearby creeks. Goose Creek is next to the clean-up site and flows through Montvale. With heavy rain expected, DEQ officials worry fuel and diesel could flow into that creek. If that happens it could be dangerous to aquatic life.

"We're doing everything possible we can to protect the creek. We've already discussed what we are going to do to contain it in the creek if it does reach down there. And, make sure it doesn't go any further down the creek," said Allen Linken Hoker, pollution response coordinator with DEQ.

DEQ officials say if that happens, they have several techniques for removing the contaminates.