Creating the Rustburg Light Show

Reporter: Sally Delta

Rustburg, VA - For the second year in a row, a Rustburg man and his family put together quite a unique light show. This year, we'll take you to the Frazier home for a behind-the-scenes look at how they make it all happen.

In the Summer time, Steve Frazier prepares for Winter.

"Christmas is my thing. Most of my year is spent just getting ready for this show," said Frazier.

From May to November he wraps, strings and twists 80,000 lights to create this Winter wonderland in his back yard. But only half the work is done outside. Frazier's stepdaughter, Tangie Berry, syncs up all the lights to songs using her computer inside

"I can tell it to fade up," said Berry.

"I call my daughter the brains of the operation," said Frazier.

"You listen to a song several times and you just start picturing in your mind - okay, I want the trees to do this to that beat," said Berry.

With no two light shows alike, each song has its own uniquely designed pattern to match the rhythm of a specific holiday jingle.

"The last song I did took me nine hours," said Berry.

"I would do something and then watch it and be like, 'No, it didn't fit right,'" said Berry.

As the months went by, the songs came together and it was time for the big reveal.

"I didn't feel proud until I saw the show from over there and I was in tears watching it," said Berry.

You could only imagine how much it costs to put the show together, but for now you'll have to just imagine. Frazier won't reveal the price, nor has he ever taken a donation to put the light show together. He says simply that the Lord has blessed him and this is his way of spreading that blessing to everyone who comes by to see it.

"I just think that if we take care of others, blessing will come to us, and to me this light show is that because I'll be honest, this is not a cheap hobby," said Frazier.

For anyone that wants to see the show, just drive to the back of Rustburg Elementary, tune your radio station to 101.9, then sit back and enjoy.

The show will run all the way through New Years Eve. They're also holding a food drive for Highland Heights Baptist Church to help out with the needy this year.