Craig Romney Speaks About Father's Character

Roanoke, VA - Mitt Romney's youngest son made a couple of stops in our area Thursday trying to rally up the base and get supporters to commit to volunteer for the campaign.

Craig Romney, 31, the youngest of five brothers, was in Roanoke County after meeting with his father last night in Miami.

When not stumping for his father, Romney works for a real estate development company in California. He says that allows him the flexibility to get out there to do what he can to help get his father elected.

"You know what I think I can do is really testify to his character. He's a man of tremendous integrity and experience, and he's well prepared to lead this country at this time. So, happy to do that any way I can," he said.

After his Roanoke County stop, Romney also made a stop at the GOP headquarters in Lynchburg.