Craftsman's Classic Fair Starts at Roanoke Civic Center

Reporter/Videographer: David Tate

Roanoke, VA - The Craftsmen's Classic has made its way back into the Roanoke Civic Center Complex and once again, your attendance will help stamp out hunger.

For the past three years the event organizers have made the show free with just one request: bring food or money donations for Feeding America, Southwest Virginia.

Organizers say the first day people were really generous.

"And this is early on in the day so we're excited to see lines backed up, full of food, full of people holding bags of food. And what we're seeing so far is really encouraging because we're seeing people bring bags of food, which is great," said Jeremy Butterfield, a representative for Feeding America.

Last year the event brought in the equivalent of 24,000 pounds of food.

The show runs through Sunday.