Covering Biden's Blunder by James Gherardi

It's a big deal when Joe Biden rolls into town. You could say, it's every reporter's dream. Covering the President, Vice President, a cabinet member for that matter, is always exciting. It allows us to exercise our skill on a national stage. Show all those politicians and political aficionados who may tune into our story, that we can do any kind of news - big or small. But when the Vice President gets up and starts speaking, and says something that makes you scratch your head, or think twice, that's it. That's when you know you've got an even bigger story.

If you didn't see it or hear about it on WSET, you undoubtedly saw the coverage on one of the many national news outlets that reported it. Biden's gaffe, flub, slip-up, whatever you want to call it, that drew national attention, was the statement that perked my ears straight up, as I heard it live, come right from Biden's mouth.

"They're going to put ya'll back in chains!"

It's the statement that has everyone wondering what he really meant. The crowd, which hands down had an African American majority, did not react very well to the statement. This begs the question, was the Vice President referring to slavery? When do we draw the line with banter between political opponents?

If Biden did very well mean to say that Romney wants to enslave the American people again, that was distasteful, and extremely inappropriate. However, I think he is smarter than that, and meant for his words to have another meaning. Meaning the American people would be chained to Wall Street; whereas now, Biden was saying, since regulation, that the people were unchained.

Either way, it was extremely controversial, and drew national attention to Danville, and the crowd that turned out to hear the Vice President speak.