Court Order Opens Speight Surveillance

Reporter: Mark Kelly l Videographer: Sally Delta Goin

Appomattox, VA -{}On Monday,{}a judge ordered the Lynchburg Adult Detention Center to turn over any audio and video surveillance of Christopher Speight during his time in jail to Speight's lawyers.

Speight's lawyers say they{}are working on an insanity defense, and video and audio surveillance of Speight during his time in jail is one piece of the puzzle they hope to use to prove Speight is insane.

The interesting part is that{}Monday's court order allows Speight's lawyers to see the jail's surveillance video, but his lawyers don't know if surveillance even exists. If it does,{}Monday's decision says the jail must hand it over.

ABC 13 acquired{}an affidavit (sworn testimony) that{}Speight's attorney, Neil Horn, gave in May describing his meeting with Speight at the jail.

In it{}Horn described,{}"His speech was rapid and he had several audible conversations with other invisible individuals in the room."

Horn goes on to say in the affidavit, "At no time during this interview was I able to discuss Mr. Speight's case with him. The overwhelming delusional thought processes precluded that."

Speight's lawyers say if the tapes exist, it could be 30 to 90 days before they see them.