Couples All Over the World Tie the Knot on 12-12-12

December 12, 2012, or 12-12-12, was a very popular date for weddings. That's mostly because it was so memorable.

Couples across the globe tied the knot Wednesday. In the U.S., thousands of people lined up to take the plunge. The wedding chapels in Las Vegas stayed pretty busy. One chapel had more than 120 weddings scheduled for the day. They even married a couple at 12 midnight.

Officials say other triple dates have been popular in the past, but none quite like 12-12-12.

"We had the other popular numerical days. 1-1-1. 2-2-2. But for some reason 12-12-12, has just taken the cake. And has made that day the most popular day that I've ever seen in my tenure on the bench as far as people wanting to come and get married," said Judge Paul Raleeh, Justice of the Peace in Collin County, Texas.

There won't be another triple date like 12-12-12 for quite a while. So those forgetful brides and grooms who took advantage of it can take a sigh of relief. Their wedding date is one they won't easily forget.