Madison Heights Couple Stays Strong in Sickness and in Health

Lynchburg, VA - A Madison Heights couple has been living a love story that will tug at your heart strings.

The Lawhorns have been battling health issues for the past several months. They started out in different hospitals in different cities. Last week, they were moved into the same room at Virginia Baptist Hospital's rehab center.

When Ben and Lois first met some 40 years ago, they were actually both married. The two just couldn't get past the feeling that they were soul mates, though.

Now, some 30 grandkids and 14 great-grandkids later, they are still together, defining the vow: "in sickness and in health".

"They've been together for 40 some years. They can't do without each other," said Barbara Zenzen, the Lawhorn's daughter.

Ben and Lois Lawhorn have done everything together for nearly half a century. So when Lois got sick in July and was taken to UVA hospital in Charlottesville, Ben was by her side every day.

"Oh he was very good, he came up every day," said Lois.

"He stayed up there a lot of nights too. We stayed around the clock for quite a few nights. The first two or three weeks it was right critical," said Zenzen.

As the days went by, and with her husband by her side, Lois got better. But on September 2, Lois nearly lost Ben to a stroke.

"Oh I was terrified. I didn't know how bad it was or if he'd come out of it or what," said Lois.

Ben did come out of it and was sent to Virginia Baptist Hospital for rehab around the same time Lois started rehab in Charlottesville. After a few weeks apart, they'd had enough.

"I don't want to be in a bed in any room with somebody else," said Ben.

On September 10, Ben and Lois were reunited, and given their own hospital room together.

"He was here waiting on her when she got here. Even had her flowers sent," said Zenzen.

"I was so glad to see him, I hadn't seen him in a few weeks," said Lois.

Since then, the Love Birds of Virginia Baptist haven't spent a moment apart.

"I love that woman to death.Yep. Everybody knows it. I don't have to tell them," said Ben.

Ben keeps threatening nursing staff that if they release him first, he'll camp out on the hospital's front lawn until they let Lois go home. But, there'll be no need for that. The Lawhorns will both be going home this Friday.