Evington Couple Moving Forward After Fire Destroys Home

Evington, VA - An elderly couple in Evington is now homeless after fire tore through their home Thursday night.

Bishop Samuel Adams, 91, and his wife Doris built their physical and spiritual lives in this home.

But 24 hours after the blaze, pieces of their past scatter the yard.

"It was hard at first, just hearing it but when you know the Jesus in them it encourages you to go on in spite of," said William Parker, a friend of family-.

"This is all that was left, what we have on right now," said Bishop Samuel Adams.

"Thank God we've got something," said Doris Adams.

Both served in local ministry for more than 30 years. Every Saturday night, they held bible class inside these walls.

"I used to play blues but I play gospel now," said Bishop Adams.

Bishop Adams plays guitar. He lost more than $5,000 worth of equipment.

Both admit losing their home is heartbreaking, but they say it's not going to kill their joy.

The two rented the trailer, and it is insured. Everything else they owned was not. So, with only the shirts on their backs and the joy in their hearts, they're looking up.

"God gives us that peace because we know he'll take care of us. God allowed this to happen for a reason. Something else behind it is coming, something good," said Doris Adams.

The Red Cross put the Adams up in a hotel for the time being. From there, they aren't sure where they'll go next.

If you'd like to help the Adams you can email or contact William Parker at 434-534-4521