County Moves to Buy New AC Compressors for Rustburg Building

Campbell Co., VA - Campbell County is doing what it can to ensure that as the weather heats up, their buildings will stay nice and cool. Recently, two of the four compressors in their air conditioning unit at the Citizens Services Building in Rustburg went out.

Administrators say the AC outage has not been a problem, but say they want to be proactive.

"We're concerned that the system, even though it's got some redundancy, if we get to extreme conditions it could be a problem. So, we're concerned to get it fixed as soon as we can so that if we do have some 100 degree days, the whole system won't go down and cause the building to get extremely hot," said Deputy County Administrator Clif Tweedy.

The county requested $60,000 from the Board of Supervisors. The new AC united is expected to be built and delivered within the next eight weeks.