Country Store Reopens After Being Closed for a Week

Photojournalist - Sally Delta

Bedford Co., VA - Terry's Country Corner Store in Moneta reopened briefly on Sunday.

The store's owner, Bob Terry, was beaten and robbed last week and the store remained closed ever since the incident.

Terry's family said it was time to get back to work, if just for a moment and to give Moneta its grocery store back.

So, from noon to 4 on Sunday, neighbors came out to Terry's Country Corner to ask about Bob and help get some perishable food off the shelves before they went bad.

"We want to keep the business going until Mr. Terry decides to return because we're sure that he plans to do so because this is his life," said Kim Terry, Terry's daughter in-law.

They opened the store for only 4 hours Sunday. Since Bob Terry ran the store alone, there's no one to fill in full-time. But they hope to re-open it again some time next week and keep the store going until Terry can come back.

The suspect who attacked Terry has not been identified.