Country Band Picks Up Local Artist's Song

Appomattox Co., VA - A songwriter from Appomattox County may have finally made it to the big time.

After nearly a decade of pitching her songs to Nashville, one finally stuck.

The country band Heartland picked up the song. Heartland had a number one hit back in 2008 called "I Loved Her First."

Now, local songwriter Shana Canada is expected to be the brainchild behind their next big hit.

"We've pitched to a ton of people. Reba, Kenny Chesney, he wasn't ready for a serious personal song," said Canada.

Canada's new song, "The Sound a Dream Makes," finally got picked up. The lyrics about her three children are about as personal as it gets.

"Singing in a Christmas play, I can visually see Emily in a peach shawl and a flower halo on her head," she said.

With the help of writer Gary Duffey, they pitched this song to Heartland and the band loved it.

"I think the song is a hit and I think we're going to be singing this for years to come, so she's going to be with this band for a very long time," said the band in a Skype interview.

But even after all this success, there was still that moment Shana has been waiting for her whole life -hearing her song on the radio.

"It's go time. This is an exclusive, right here 93.7 KHF," said Mike McKendree on the air on his show KHF.

All of the hard work and all of the dreaming came down to this.

"That is my song, are you lying to me? What in the world," said Canada after hearing her song on the radio.

In this moment, Canada sees dreams really do come true.

"Oh my Lord, Thank you God, that's all I can say is thank you God."

Monday is the official release date for the song

Pretty soon, you'll be able to look for it on iTunes or call your local radio station and request it.