Councilman Cary Participates in SHOPO Trash Collection

Lynchburg, VA - Sunday, in Lynchburg, a group organized a march to keep Martin Luther King Junior's civil rights vision alive.

BB Shavers organized the event at E.C. Glass High School. A couple dozen children, teens, and adults gathered to pick up trash on the streets of Lynchburg, and they say to do something positive for a city that in the past several weeks has been thrust into the race relations discussion.

"We can collectively do something positive and that's to continue to clean the community," said Shavers.

Shavers and his foundation, SHOPO, organized this community clean up in hopes to bring his home community together, and instill values in children.

"Dr. King had a positive movement going on and we're going to pick up that baton and it's going to be a positive movement," said Shavers.

Shavers says in the past few weeks, race relations have created a lot of discussion in the Hill City.

"The comments that were made by H. Cary a couple weeks ago, that caused a buzz in the city," said Shavers.

Shavers says Council Member H. Cary is a big supporter of his SHOPO foundation, he says when he heard the comments by Cary, he went straight to the source.

"I heard about it and then I thought, and I said let me give him a call and see exactly what is really going on," said Shavers.

Shavers says he then decided the whole thing was perceived in a way that Cary never meant for it to be perceived.

In fact, Councilman Cary was at Sunday's march.

He pulled up his gloves and went to work, alongside his fellow citizens.

We asked Cary if his comments that some perceived as controversial were a reason for his attendance.

"No, BB's like family to me," said Cary.

Shavers says Cary attended a similar event last week, and was quick to defend Cary when some said his attendance was nothing more than a media stunt.

"For anybody that thought it was a media stunt, I ain't say the media was coming. So if I said the media was coming, how many you think would have come then," asked Shavers.

Shavers says next week his group will be at Riverside Park picking up trash.

If you would like more information on how you can be apart of that visit the group's Facebook Page.

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