Danville Landmark Makes Virginia Historic List

917 West Main Street - Photo Courtesy: Schoolfield Preservation Foundation

Danville, VA - The building that most recently served as the Dan River Incorporated Personnel Building has been added to the Virginia Landmarks Register.

Completed in 1917, the Schoolfield Welfare building also served as a clinic for doctors, a kindergarten, and a meeting space for Dan River Mill employees.

Now, in June of this year, the first floor will open as a museum and cultural center.

The building is just around the corner from the Schoolfield school complex, which is already on the Virginia Landmarks Register.

"It is in fact one of the fine parts of Virginia history, of Virginia architecture, and helps tell the story of an important community, Schoolfield, here in Danville, Virginia," Gary Grant with the Schoolfield Preservation Foundation said.

The Schoolfield Preservation Foundation expects to be added to the National Register of Historic Places in February.