Cookie Sales Help Teach Danville Scouts

Danville, VA - It's girl scout cookie season again, and if you're like most people out there, you probably can't wait to tear into a box of those Thin Mints or Carmel Delights.

All over the country, girl scouts are using this fundraiser to help pay for various activities they'll be doing throughout the year.

"This is how we fund our troop so we can do the exciting things that we're able to do," said girl scout Lauren Jones.

These girls say it's more than just about selling cookies, though: they're getting an early start at learning vital life skills.

"They do their own budget and they figure out how much everything is going to cost and how many cookies they have to sell if they want to make that happen," explained Troop Leader Susan Dalton.

"It's helped me spend my money very wisely instead of just going out and spending all my money on something," Jones added.

"If I would like to start a business my it would help me, because I can budget my money more," said fellow girl scout Ambria Morton.

The scouts aren't just learning budgeting, though. The girls say before the season even starts, they learn how to market their products.

"You stand out here in front of all these people and you want to be noticed, and our vests are a light color so wear lots bright colors underneath our vests and on our pants and on our shoes , and it attracts attention and it gets people to see us," said Mae Gayle Dalton. "And we wave at them and we hold the cookie boxes so we can show them the product."

The girl scouts credit interacting with the community to helping improve their communication skills.

"I've known people who were shy and when they had to get out in front of people and say hi, would you like to buy some girl scout cookies, they definitely learned how to say that and not be afraid," Dalton said.

The girls plan to sell 1,000 boxes of cookies each this season.

If you'd like to support them, they will have another cookie booth at the Marshall's in Danville, next Saturday, January 19, from 1to 5 p.m.