Consultant Discusses River District Parking

Danville, VA -- Businesses in Danville's River District have been worried about parking for a long time now. Just this week, a consultant came to the city to discuss his evaluations of parking downtown.

The out of state consultant said there are more than 5,000 spots in the River District. While they are not all public parking, he says the biggest problem is that most people don't know where they are.
Consultant Lee Bourque presented his findings Thursday to the Danville Development Authority. Bourque suggests that the city put up signs indicating where the lots are and how to get there. He said the study showed that they were able to find parking often within a block or two of their destination.
Bourque suggests the city could build a garage and should ask owners of private lots to let them use the extra spaces.
Joan Daniel, the owner of downtown business The Attic Hound, agrees with Bourque's findings.
"I was happy to see that they said some of the same things that I had been saying that it's not always so much parking but it's having signage and directional so people actually know where they can park," said Daniel.
Bourque says for now he thinks the parking situation is fine but as more businesses come downtown, he says the city will need to provide more parking options. Bourque plans to present his findings to city council next week.