Construction on Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Slated to Start March 2014

Danville, VA-- Main Street in Downtown Danville has gotten a facelift thanks to the River District Streetscape project, and now soon another part of downtown will be getting a face lift.

Danville officials held meetings on Thursday to showcase new plans for the Riverwalk Trail.

There are plans to build a 10 ft. wide bicycle and pedestrian trail across the Martin Luther King Jr., Memorial Bridge.

The trail will link the north side of the Riverwalk Trail to the Main Street Plaza that is currently under construction on the south side of the river.

"It will be a great asset because it allows pedestrians and bicyclists to move from one side of the Dan River to the other in a much safer manner than they can currently do so," said Tim Wagner, Project Manager of Wiley Wilson.

The project manager said they expect to begin construction on the bridge in the middle March next year and plan to have it completed that September.

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