Construction Crews Suffer Setbacks After Derecho

Reporter: Parker Slaybaugh

Lynchburg, VA - Construction crews are working long hours to recover from the wind storm that blew through our area more than two weeks ago. Many companies suffered damage and setbacks which put them behind schedule.

Construction workers are working 14 hour days, seven days a week to try and make up for the time lost due to the Derecho. Crews said they were set back about a week, and in business time is money.

"We should have been completed by now," said Michael McAllister, President of Sound Construction Inc.

Michael McAllister is in charge of the framing of this Lynchburg apartment building in the Cornerstone subdivision. He says the set back from the June 29th storm will cost his company thousands of dollars, and has already made him a week late on finishing the project.

"It was a mess; the wind had ripped one of the gables off of the end, and landed it right here in the road. The developer is trying to maintain the original schedule because of financing stuff and he's already got eight of the units rented," said McAllister.

A tighter schedule means longer hours, and more manpower.

"We're pretty much having to work sun up to sun down, seven days a week, trying to maintain the schedule, and the down side is that this is not the only project that we have sustained damage on," said McAllister

And if the damage itself wasn't bad enough:

"The porta johns that are around the corner actually blew 100 feet over there," said McAllister as he was pointing in the direction that the porta johns flew.

Wellington Builders owns the property. Gary Schmincke owns the company and says despite the setback, things could have been worse.

"We just feel very fortunate, with things flying off the roof, that nobody got hurt," said Schmincke.

These apartments are rented out by The Rental Group and some are already spoken for. We have been told that those future residents should not worry, because they do anticipate being ready by your move in date.