Congressman Goodlatte Has Concerns Over Syria Vote

Roanoke, VA - Congressman Bob Goodlatte is trying to gauge what his constituents want to do about Syria.

All week, the Congressman has been tending business in the Sixth District where he says he has heard overwhelmingly against the use of military force.

Polls show less than 30% of Americans agree with military action.

"Any representative of the people has to listen to their constituents to their point of view. They also have to use their judgement and follow their conscience. And there is no question this is a serious problem that does need to be addressed but whether this authorization for use of military force is going to result in the lessening of use of chemical weapons - which really, obviously needs to be our objective here - or not... is subject to a great deal of concern," said Goodlatte.

All week members of the Plowshare Peace and Justice Center were demonstrating in front of the Poff Federal Building where they want representatives to listen to the people.

"I would tell him if he does, he will have to bear the responsibility and he should not pretend that he knows what's going to happen," said Frank Munley who is a member of the Plowshare Peace And Justice Center.

A full Senate vote is expected any day.

The House will take up the issue when they return to Capitol Hill next week.