Congressman Bob Goodlatte Disappointed With Final Budget

Lynchburg, VA - While we didn't fall off a fiscal cliff, and there were no midnight negotiations, Congressman Bob Goodlatte tells us he was not happy with the budget that was passed by the senate on Wednesday.

He cites inadequacies in spending cuts, and a debt that continues to rise. Goodlatte did vote in favor of the budget, saying there was no better alternative.

It's slated now to be signed into law by the President.

"I would've liked to have done more, but this is all that we could find the necessary votes for in the house, and apparently now in the senate, and therefore we'll have to continue that campaign to have more major reform of our federal government spending as we move ahead" said Goodlatte.

The house overwhelmingly passed the budget last week, with bipartisan support, in a 332 to 94 vote.

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