Concord Murder Suspect Appears in Court

Rustburg, VA - Wearing an orange jumpsuit and shackles, Anthony Witt appeared alongside three attorneys appointed to represent him Wednesday afternoon.

The Lynchburg man is accused of murdering Barbara Martin, his live-in girlfriend inside her Concord home back in July.

Witt is charged with capital murder and robbery, meaning he's eligible for the death penalty.

At the motion's hearing, attorneys for Witt said there was another possible suspect listed on the certificate of analysis, but claimed that information was not turned over to their office as soon as the Commonwealth learned of it.

Also at the hearing, the judge granted a motion called ex parte subpoena duces tecum, allowing the defense to issue subpoenas without notifying the Commonwealth.

It's a move the Campbell County Commonwealth Attorney argued would give the defense an unfair advantage.

"A blanket permission now, to never let me know anything would be inappropriate," Paul McAndrews told the judge.

The judge ordered the motion under the condition it was done on a case-by-case basis.

Witt is expected back in court in August to set a trial date. The judge expects that to take place sometime next year.