Concord Group Suspects Flag Was Stolen

Concord, VA - People in Concord have found themselves without a star spangled banner to wave. Some believe someone stole their American flag.

The senior citizens who meet once a week at the Concord Community Center wanted there to be a flag flying on a pole when the Independence Day parade goes by. They showed up for a meeting to find that their flag was not there, however.

Members of the senior citizens group meet every Wednesday. When they showed up at the community center a few weeks back, everyone was asking where the flag was.

"What happened to the flag? We don't know. Did someone take the flag down? No," said Mae Britt. "Fourth of July, and there's a blank pole and no flag."

The group worked hard all spring on the landscaping around the flag pole. They even got the volunteer fire department to bring out a truck to reach the top of the pole and to install precisely the right hardware to keep Old Glory flying.

"It certainly did not blow away on its own," Britt said."It's disgusting. Whoever took it, I hope they took if for good use and not destroyed it or anything."

The seniors say this type of alleged crime certainly wouldn't have flown in their day.

"Absolutely not. I would have probably had the stars and stripes on me," a senior citizen said. "It wouldn't be the 4th of July without a flag."

Thursday afternoon, the American Legion Post 16 in Lynchburg gave the group a new flag. They will come out here and raise it first thing Friday morning.