Concord Charity Reflects on Deadly Moore, Ok Tornado on 1-year Anniversary

A deadly twister ripped through the town of Moore, Oklahoma killing 24 people, including seven third graders, one year ago Tuesday.Concord's Gleaning for the World President Ron Davidson tells ABC 13 within hours of hearing about the tornado, the charity had 11 tractor trailers en route to Moore. The trucks were loaded with over $380,000 worth of supplies.The tornado decimated homes and caused billions of dollar's worth of damage. Upon hearing the news, Gleaning for the World hit the road to Moore with emergency supplies."The first thing we always do is get water and blankets. Water because they need hydration, blankets for a place they can sleep basically. Then we had pet food we put on the ground" said Gleaning President Ron Davidson.Gleaning partnered up with a Moore church and began stocking their gymnasium with supplies. In the Lynchburg-area, people dropped off various donations at collection points throughout the city."We had supplies within two blocks of that intersection where that storm went through, and the tarp was never taken off our supplies Thank god we were able to help the people out with blankets, water, furniture and things that they need to get back on their feet."Charity president Ron Davidson says they still keep in touch with their partner organizations in Moore. Although the people there have come a long way in the last year there is still more work to be done."Usually when we see a major tornado like Moore, Oklahoma it takes at least five years for the people to get back on their feet" said Davidson.President Ron Davidson says the threat of this tornado season is not over yet. Gleaning for the World says they have been working closely with FEMA and storm monitors in case a devastating storm comes through in coming weeks.