Company Brings More Than 100 Jobs to Danville

Danville, VA -- There was a big job announcement in Danville Monday afternoon: More than a 100 jobs are coming to the city.

Macerata Wheels LLC is locating its manufacturing and distributions operation in Danville. The new company will be moving to a building on Lockett Drive right next to DCC. They plan to start the hiring process as soon as next month.

It's a well-known, well-established program at Danville Community College, and now, their Precision Machining Technology Program is getting extra credit for attracting companies to our area.

"We sort of knew immediately that this was the best place to look at," said Mike Farless, President of Macerata Wheels LLC.

Farless says they looked at many cities before deciding on Danville. What sold them was this program at DCC.

"We are very comfortable with the curriculum here, with the quality of the education they get here, so we think they are just going to be a perfect fit for us," said Farless.

"We're very very proud of what is going to happen to this area," said Carlyle Ramsey, President of DCC.

Farless announced they will be hiring more than a hundred employees, more than a third of which will be from DCC, and that's just to start.

"We are very conservative when we use the 100 employee figure, we think we are going to grow way beyond that," said Farless.

Graduating in May, David Motley hopes to be one of those new hires.

"It's a local company, Danville based, get to use all my skills I've learned," said Motley.

With more opportunities comes bigger growth for the program. It soon will nearly double in size in terms of the number of students, faculty, and square footage. And DCC students aren't the only ones excited about their new neighbor.

"You cannot believe how much we are looking forward to staring here," said Farless.

The company also received help from the state, the Tobacco Commission, and the community college system. They will start manufacturing in the fall.