Community Worries About Future of Rainbow Forest Lake

Rainbow Forest Lake

Botetourt Co., VA - Hundreds of Botetourt County families are worried after the state forced them to partially drain their community lake.

Rainbow Forest Lake is now down about a third since our last report, and the community is now enlisting local and state politicians to join the fight.

As the final days of summer slip by and the chill comes in, activity at Rainbow Forest Lake beach has come to a halt.

"If we could have done it at a later time everyone could have enjoyed it all summer long," said Estelle Avner, a Rainbow Forest Resident.

The lake has been draining all summer and is down four feet, leaving docks on high ground and making it unsafe to jump from the lake's platform.

"Far enough that no one can be swimming in it and nobody goes out in boats and fishes like we all normally do," said Avner.

The fight isn't over though. The state still wants to ensure it drains another three feet; but the community says enough is enough.

The board of supervisors is drafting a resolution to send to the General Assembly.

"We're telling them that we agree with the citizens here and we're trying to support them in getting something done," said Billy Martin, the chairman of the Botetourt County Board of Supervisors.

The problem is an outdated culvert beneath this dam that everyone but VDOT says VDOT owns.

Until that is worked out, things at Rainbow Forest Lake could get worse, which is taking a chunk out of many people's most prized possession.

"No one wants to see a dried up lake and mosquito-infested hole and a mulky mess," said Carole Myers, a realtor.

That resolution is currently being drafted and will be heading to Richmond soon.

Members of the group have also been working with Rep. Goodlatte's office and have a town hall style meeting set up with Delegate Lacey Putney on Sunday.