Community Steps in to Help Man Fight Leukemia

Appomattox, VA - An Appomattox man is fighting for his life after being diagnosed with a form of leukemia. His body has been rejecting treatments, and now members of the community are stepping in to help get him well again.

Adam Wilmouth has always been active and fairly healthy. He often took his daughter Brianna fishing. Then, in April of this year, something in Adam changed.

"He just got light-headed and passed out, and a couple days later he went to the doctor and his hemoglobin was low," said Bliss Wilmouth, his sister.

Doctors diagnosed Adam with acute myeloid leukemia. The first stem cell transplant costs nearly $1 million and didn't work - his body's left swollen from all the medication.

"He's got ulcers on his lips down his throat on his esophagus," said Bliss.

Now, Brianna is staying with her grandmother. Adam's sister Bliss stays with him at the hospital, waiting to see if the second transplant will work.

"I've had several break downs and I asked got for some strength and I got it," said Bliss.

She found it online on Facebook Benefit Page.

Friends started coming up with ways to raise money for Adam - anything from cornhole tournaments to Mary Kay parties.

"I mean it's amazing I'm just speechless. There are really great people in this county, and it's just amazing," said Bliss.

Bliss believes with all the support, Adam is going to pull through.

"It's been a tough road so far and with prayers it's going to get easier," said Bliss.

Bliss will head back up to be with her brother at UVA Wednesday.

If you'd like to learn more about the date and time of those benefits, click here.