Community Rallies To Help Family Bury Jamisha Gilbert

Lynchburg, VA - 18 year old Jamisha Gilbert's body discovered Wednesday, in a dense wooded area near Route 460 in Lynchburg.

Her family still mourning her death is now struggling to pay for her burial. Devastation coupled now with the looming question of what next. Jamisha Gilbert's mother Norma Gilbert-Eldridge is having to piece together how to give her daughter a proper burial, the burial she says she deserves.

She shared with us that following the release of Jamisha's body, she intends to bury her daughter in Maryland, where she has family.

Eldridge expressed gratitude for a community rallying behind her and her mourning family.

"Everyone is showing so much support, love, and dedication, I'm just so overwhelmed, and I'm grateful" she said.

A burial in Maryland will cost a lot of money, including transportation of the body, and funeral services.

Garnell Stamps is helping to organize a way for people to donate to Jamisha's burial, to be given to the Community Funeral Home in Lynchburg. It's there where Jamisha's body will funeralized before heading to Maryland.

"They do not have, the family, sufficient sums of money to actually bury her in the fashion, and in the style that she needs and deserves" said Stamps.

Donations are being accepted by the family, as well as Community Funeral Home. You're encouraged to bring your donation in person. It's located at 909 Fifth Street in Lynchburg. You can also call the family directly to donate, they can be reached at (434)238-7975, or via email, at

All of this will happen after Jamisha's body has been released from the medical examiner, and a cause of death is determined.