Community Rallies Around 9-Year-Old Girl Fighting Cancer

New London, VA - The Domino's in New London hosted a fundraiser Sunday for a nine-year-old girl who is battling bone cancer.

Domino's donated every penny to Cassidy Richardson and her family.

Cassidy was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma this summer. She and her family have made frequent trips to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore.

The traveling and medical bills have taken a toll on the family, but the illness is not even close to knocking the vibrant 4th grader down.

Hundreds came Saturday to eat pizza and give money to a special cause: Team Cassidy.

"She is so brave, she is a champ. I tell her everyday she's my hero," said Kim Richardson, Cassidy's Mom.

"It means the world to Cassidy and to us it's just almost overwhelming how many people have come out to support," added Kenny Richardson, Cassidy's Dad.

Jennifer Cobbs and her husband own many area Domino's. They decided all money raised would go directly to the Richardson Family.

"I am floored. I cannot believe the amount of people that have come out and the amount of money that they are willing to give to help this little girl. It's quite amazing," Cobbs said.

Cassidy is a very active girl. She is normally involved in swimming, cheerleading, martial arts and other activities.

Cassidy has had to stay home from some of her hobbies to keep her immune system strong. Her mom says despite the setback, Cassidy is staying motivated, especially with help from the community.

"I'm glad they got to come and be here with me," Cassidy said.

"We're very happy to live in this area and have so many people that think so much of us," Kenny Richardson said.

Family members tell me that Cassidy has already had six rounds of chemotherapy.

This week, Cassidy will have surgery to remove part of her femur bone. She will also have a complete knee replacement.

After the tumor is removed, Cassidy will have to have more chemotherapy treatments.

The prognosis looks good, however.

Cassidy is certainly a strong little girl.