Community Members Remember Jim Candler at Memorial Service in Lynchburg

Lynchburg, VA - The Lynchburg community is remembering James Candler, known as Jim, a leader in the Hill City.

Candler passed away at his home on Tuesday after years of battling bone marrow cancer. He was the president of Candler Oil Company in Lynchburg, but he was known for a lot more than just that in our community.

Friday, family and friends gathered for his memorial service at Peakland Baptist Church.

Candler's close friends say Jim was a quiet, dedicated person who impacted all kinds of people in the community.

More than 400 people came out to celebrate his life, traveling from Charlottesville, Richmond, and of course the Lynchburg area.

Not only was he president of Candler Oil Company, but he was also a board member at Amazement Square and on the Board of Trustees for Centra. And that's just the beginning.

His friends also say Jim was quite the athlete. He played varsity football at UVA and later, tennis and golf. In fact, one of his best friends Dr. Bill Riley says he went to see Jim the night before he died. Jim was telling Dr. Riley about a golf match three weeks ago he and his wife had. He says Jim called it one of his proudest moments.

"He said, 'Sarah and I beat Bill and Jimmy. And he had a big smile on his face, and he said 'What a way to go out.' Just like that," said Dr. Riley.

Dr. Riley says that's just the kind of person Jim was. He was a fun and loving friend, who will surely be greatly missed.

Jim Candler was 78 years old.