Community High School Slashes Tuition by More Than 50%

Roanoke, VA - A private school in Roanoke has decided to make it easier to attend by slashing tuition by more than 50%!

The Board of Directors for Community High School of Arts and Academics made the decision last week after years of consideration.

The move cuts annual tuition from $10,200 to $5,000.

The decision was made out of ethical concerns to improve integrity in the tuition process.

They also want to make sure money is not an obstacle to interested families.

"What we would like to do is say, essentially, "Ok... we have some families of means who may be able to donate a little more to help but we want to charge the least we can without impacting need-based aid for the poorer students," said Community High School's Academic Director, Josh Chapman.

The school currently has 45 students enrolled with a goal of hitting a maximum of 60 students.