Community Bringing Christmas Cheer to Nathan Norman

Rustburg, VA- A heartwarming gesture for Lynchburg's Nathan Norman. You've probably heard of him by now. He's the five-year-old boy so bravely fighting cancer, whose story has been told on a national scale.

He's asked for some Christmas spirit to help him out. And Wednesday night, he got it--Christmas carolers, in October.

Dozens of people from the Highland Heights youth group crowded the lawn in front of the Norman's home.

Singing to bring a little cheer to the boy and his family who want Christmas all year.

"It just brings him a, it brings him a smile," said Dawn Norman, Nathan's mother.

The boxes of Christmas cards the Normans get also bring a smile to Nathan's face.

Reporter: "How many cards do you think you've opened?"

Nathan: "I don't know. Maybe over a hundred."

And there are hundreds more, waiting to be opened.

Cards from Texas, Pennsylvania, New York, Wisconsin.

And emails from New Zealand, Norway, Thailand and the Netherlands.

"What started as Nathan just wanting to put up lights to feel better has just turned into the whole world getting into the Christmas spirit and it's just amazing," said Dawn.

And the spirit is spreading to Nathan's brother and sisters.

"We've started having some cards come in for Sarah, Matthew and Tabitha as well," said Dawn.

Support for the siblings who've been with Nathan through bad times, and good.

The Normans have also received donations from people across the country. Some of that money will go to help pay Nathan's medical bills. A large part of it will buy Christmas presents for children spending their holidays in the hospital. It's a tradition the family started several years ago and it's grown from 50 gifts, to over 1,000 this year.