Comcast Bill Shocks Lynchburg Customer

Lynchburg, VA - Some people in Lynchburg say their Comcast bill was jumping all over the place this past month.

Comcast customers were quoted a 12 month promotional price, but started seeing bills for much higher amounts.

In many cases, confusion, or a lack of communication, is really to blame, according to Comcast.

"They had jumped up to 80 some dollars and I went up there and told them absolutely not, I'll cut it off," said Comcast Customer Dorothy Garrett.

Garrett says her bill fluctuates, and now she's paying too much.

"A contract's a contract and I feel like they should have to refund everybody every dime that they made us pay over," Garrett said.

The Better Business Bureau say they are here to help. They say it's not always the company's fault.

Julie Wheeler with the BBB says they get lots of complaints from people who don't understand their agreements.

"Oh, it's a very big problem. We get quite a few calls on that on a regular basis and we also get a lot of complaints in those particular industries," Wheeler said.

Wheeler says you need to read the entire agreement before you sign it and also understand the terms and your responsibilities.

"Don't rely on what the sales people tell you; what they verbally tell you. You need to make sure that that's including in writing in the agreement," Wheeler said.

Comcast released a statement in response to the complaints.

It reads in part:

"We encourage customers to contact us directly with any questions."

Comcast went on to say they are working to make contact with Garrett to make sure both parties are on the same page.

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