Southside College Students Volunteer With Community Organization

Danville, VA-- Several college students in Southside Virginia spent Thursday afternoon playing with children from the Danville Area Boys and Girls Club.

It's all part of an event called "A Day to Engage," put on by the Danville Regional Foundation. Once a semester students from Averett University, Danville Community College and Piedmont Community College volunteer at community organizations.

The Danville Regional Foundation hopes this will encourage college students to do even more volunteer work when they graduate.

"Our hope is that they continue to volunteer outside of just "A Day to Engage" and we've heard a few stories about that happening, so we just really want to them excited about service and connect them to the community," said Rachel Covington, fellow at Danville Regional Foundation.

The Day to Engage program has 200 student volunteers and they work with 18 community organizations.