College Campuses Show Stark Contrast With Liberty University Weapons Policy

Lynchburg, VA - Liberty University is giving more gun privileges, to more people, by amending its concealed carry policy; a policy that has proven to be rare among local colleges.

LU has allowed firearms on their campus in some capacity for months. But other local institutions have strict rules against.

LU's latest move, allowing guns in campus facilities, is hardly a popular policy at nearby campuses.

"We have a strict no tolerance policy for any type of weapon" said Randolph College Campus Safety and Security Director, Kris Irwin.

You name it; guns, small and large, knives, and ammunition must be kept far from Randolph College.

"We here, we're a small community campus; I think we have lots of eyes and ears out there" said Irwin.

He says there's no need for guns here.

In fact, if found in violation of the school's no weapon policy, a student could be expelled, a visitor banned, and an employee fired.

"Folks are watching out, they're in tune with folks coming and going, folks they recognize don't recognize. Our students are great at reporting suspicious activities and persons, and really feel that there's no need for that here at this point in time" said Irwin.

"Our students' safety is our top priority" said Sweet Briar College Communications Director, Christy Jackson.

At Sweet Briar College, a similar approach to Randolph; visitors carrying weapons can check them in with security but aren't allowed to carry them anywhere on campus.

"We believe the policy that we have is in the best interest of our students, our faculty, our staff and their safety" said Jackson.

Both Randolph and Sweet Briar are certainly much smaller institutions than Liberty. However Lynchburg College, Virginia Tech, and UVa, all prohibit weapons on campus.