Cold Weather Hurting Southside Tobacco Farmers

Pittsylvania Co., VA -- A lot of us are ready for some warm weather, but no one seems to be looking forward to it more than tobacco farmers. That's because when the temperatures stay low, they have to pay more to heat their greenhouses.

Tobacco farmer, Timothy Shelton, says they have already exceeded their annual gas funds use to keep the greenhouse warm because of all the cold days we've had. He says his production cost will be 30 - 50% over last year. While he's been farming for three decades, he says you never know what could happen, so as a farmer you have to be prepared. Now, he just hopes for warmer weather.

"We are hoping it is 70 degrees at night and 80 degrees in the daytime and everybody is enjoying the warmth including the tobacco plants," says Shelton.

Shelton hopes that the rest of the year will be easier on the crops so costs will even out.