Cold Water Challenge Spreading Around Danville Through Social Media

Danville, VA - How would you like to get soaked with cold water? Would you do it if you found out it would benefit charity?It's called 'The Cold Water Challenge.' Emergency personnel in Danville have been spreading it like crazy. Here's how it works: You get challenged on Facebook, and if you accept, you get cold water thrown on you and you donate $10 to a charity of your choice. If you don't accept the challenge, you have to donate $100 to your challenger's charity!"A good thing is you are giving money to charities that need the money to do research and help other people out that don't have the funds," said Chris Boyd, Danville Fire Department.You can get soaked several ways, by jumping in a cold pool, getting water dumped over your head, or even having the fire trucks spray you. Once you complete the challenge, you can nominate others.