Coin to Commemorate Monument Terrace Troop Rally

Lynchburg, VA - If you're up to their weekly challenge, you'll have to show your coin to prove it.

A challenge coin is in the works to commemorate the Monument Terrace Troop Rally in Downtown Lynchburg.

A WWII veteran who participates in the weekly rally paid for the first 500 coins to be made, so each participant can get one free coin.

They want to make sure the coins are made before they lose anymore veterans from the greatest generation.

"It's something for everyone who's been down here. Whether you've been down here for a year, if you've just been down here for one day. If you just came down to say hi. You're part of the family now," said Pete Page.

According to military tradition if someone asks to see your coin in a bar or club and you don't have it, you have to buy that person a drink. If you have the coin on you, the challenger has to pay.