Coal Ash Deposits to be Removed Out of the Dan River

Danville, VA - After more than a month of preparation at Abreu-Grogan Park in Danville, Duke Energy contractors say they will most likely begin removing coal ash deposits out of the Dan River late this week. Around eight percent of the 39,000 ton coal ash spill accumulated near the Schoolfield Dam. This week, crews will use a vacuum dredging technique that will remove the material from the surface above the sediment level of the river. Then, crews will separate water from ash and take the contaminated substance to lined landfills. Meanwhile, people from the Dan River Basin Association held one of their fundraisers Sunday, raising money for their "Trout in the Classroom" program. The program teaches students the importance of taking care of our aquatic ecosystem. The DRBA says they've been working on the coal ash spill since it began. They are still doing different types of water quality testing, including measuring the bugs in the river. The DRBA is also working to find where all the coal ash deposits are. They're also adding the coal ash spill event to their student curriculum. "We're almost completed with a curriculum for the classroom on threats, and now coal ash is now been part of that in addition to litter and industrial waste and agricultural waste. So children can understand what it is, and why it's an issue and why it's a threat," said Executive Director Tiffany Hayworth. When the dredging starts this week, you can go to to watch a live stream of the activity.