Coaching Legend Bobby Bowden Visits Lynchburg

Lynchburg - College football's Div. 1 all-time winningest coach paid a visit to Lynchburg over the weekend.

Former Florida State head man Bobby Bowden spoke at Liberty University Friday and also Saturday at the grand opening of Crosswhite Fitness at the Sports Racket. The coaching legend, after 57 years on the sidelines, has been out of the game now for four years. So how much does Bowden miss college coaching?

Bobby Bowden, 57 YEARS COACHING, 34 AT FSU, said "That's a good question, it's an easy answer...none. Really, it's amazing, I don't miss it a bit. You know it, I'm enjoying watching other people, instead of me having to worry about my team and the players and what they're doing at night and all that stuff. I'm simply just sitting back and enjoying it."