Co-Workers Say Agee's Kids Were Her World

Jennifer Agee

Reporter: Mark Kelly l Photojournalist: Sally Delta

Salem, VA - Jennifer Agee's murder has been devastating for friends and co-workers at Mac and Bob's in Salem, where she worked.

Coming to work a day after Agee's murder wasn't easy for many and some couldn't bare to come at all.

One co-worker and friend, Sandi Robertson, was at the Sheetz shortly after the murder. She didn't know until hours later, it was her friend Jennifer who was dead.

"You never think that you know people that stuff like that happens to, so I just went about my day, and then I found out a couple hours later that it was actually her," said Robertson.

Agee's murder hit Mac and Bob's hard. Co-workers say Agee's daughters meant everything to her.

"She'd just tell us little stories about what they do and their weekends together, and just her being a mom - that's what she loved," said Robertson.

"Murder is just a whole other plane of existence. It's mind blowing. It's hard to comprehend," said Allison Giles.

Allison Giles is a host at the restaurant and worked with Agee often.

"I was suppose to work with her right now. She was suppose to come in in about thirty minutes. And just thinking that she wasn't going to be at work today, it's hard to comprehend," said Giles.

But, even harder to comprehend for co-workers is how Agee's ex-husband could be the suspect.

"I never saw him, I never met him," said Giles.

"She kept that just alone. She kept that to herself and just didn't want to talk about it," said Giles.

It still hasn't fully sunk in that Agee's gone. Some still talk about her in the present tense, and feel as though she'll be back to work soon.

"The next two days at work when she's supposed to be here, we're going to be looking like, 'Jenny's late, where is she at?'" said Robertson.

Co-workers say the most painful thing to think about is Agee's two daughters living without their mom. They were the center of her world, they say, and she worked multiple jobs at times to support them.