Co-Workers Make Lottery Pools to Increase Chances

Lynchburg, VA- We've told you about the massive numbers of people playing to win the $550 million Powerball jackpot. Wednesday we spoke to a group of co-workers that started a lottery pool to increase their chances of winning.

Nine co-workers at Centra Health each bought two tickets. And even though they say it's just for fun, they've got the contract to prove they're in it, to win it.

"The whole day's been going by, we've been dreaming of what we're going do with the money," said Oswald Merritt, a co-worker that bought into the pool.

The men may have different reasons for playing.

"Ahh, for the fun of it," said Michael McCaully, another co-worker.

"I love gambling, I'll gamble anything. But I figure more chances will give you better odds of winning," said Nick Francis, another co-worker.

"Well, I didn't have no choice," said Robert Wright, another co-worker who bought into the pool.

Some of the men took some convincing.

"I just didn't feel like. I don't usually do it," said McCaully.

"We asked Mighty Moe did he want to join us in the lottery. And he said, hmm, I guess I will," said Merritt.

But each man already has an idea of what they'd do with their share of the winnings.

McCaully says,"I'd pay a lot of bills off, and kick back and relax a little bit."

Francis says, "I'll enjoy a long vacation that's for sure."

And Merritt says, "I'm an old veteran, I'm a Vietnam vet so I'd like to travel. I'd like to go to the far East."

Although that amount of money is difficult to wrap your head around.

"Well, I been broke for so long," said Wright.

This group of friends likes to laugh about their chances, but if push comes to shove, they'll be ready. They wrote a contract, complete with copies of the purchased tickets, that each co-worker personally signed.

"We're going to divide the money equally," said Merritt.

"If they win, I win," said Wright.

And McCaully says, "If you win, you win. If you lose, you lose. You just take it in stride and enjoy the ride."

The co-workers say they'll get together Thursday morning to see if they really do get to split the jackpot. Win or lose though, they say from now on this will be a tradition. They say every week, they'll all buy two lottery tickets to keep their pool going.