Clover Man's Home Catches on Fire, His Firefighter Nephew Responds

Halifax County, VA - A Halifax County man lost everything he had in his home when it burned to the ground on Friday.

Four fire departments responded to the home of James Hazelwood on Covington Trail.

When they arrived, it was too late to save anything.

Hazelwood's nephew, Roger Hazelwood, was among the firefighters responding.

He's a first responder in the Clover Volunteer Fire Department, and when he got to the home, he feared the worst.

Roger Hazelwood says he was in a state of panic when he got called to his uncle's Clover home.

His uncle had been staying with his daughter at night but he still visited the home everyday.

Much to his relief, Roger Hazelwood found the home was unoccupied when he arrived.

"You never know until you get on the scene exactly what it is and once I got there and realized his vehicle was not in the yard...very relieved, " Roger Hazelwood said.

Eighty-nine year old James Hazelwood had lived there for 35 years, but the home was more than 100 years old.

The fire is still under investigation, but firefighters believe a heater was the cause.

The house was destroyed, but Hazelwood's daughter says they are just grateful her father was not in the home at the time.