Clinton Campaigns With McAuliffe in Roanoke, Cuccinelli's Campaign Responds

Roanoke, VA - Terry McAuliffe and President Bill Clinton wrapped up a nine city tour Wednesday with a stop in Roanoke for a rally before a capacity crowd.

The two were in Charlottesville as well Wednesday; a final week blitz leading into Tuesday's election.

The rally was at the Roanoke Historic Market Building.

Latest polls have McAullife continuing to increase his lead with most putting the difference in double digits, including a 15-point lead according to Wednesday's Roanoke College poll.

The big story in the race is going to be about women voters, who as a whole, have the race shaping up to be a runaway.

Outside Roanoke's Market Building as hundreds waited to see Terry McAuliffe and Bill Clinton, it was not hard to notice that a large majority of those waiting were women.

With McAuliffe holding a 24-point advantage in women according to the latest Washington Post poll, all of the female voters ABC 13 spoke with say they know exactly why the difference is so big.

"I'm not surprised at all. Women should vote against Cuccinelli," said Bedford voter Pearl Stifler.

Whether Stifler's assessment is fully true may not matter at this point. What does matter is every woman interviewed for our story said the same thing as Pearl Stifler.

"He scares us. He's just behind the times or he wants to go back in time. We don't get it," Stifler said about Cuccinelli.

McAulliffe's main point was about getting out the vote. The crescendo of his speech was directed straight at the major voting block, however.

"We must be a state where gay Virginians are treated equally and we must ensure that women have access to the health care that they deserve. Are you ready?" McAuliffe said.

The statement led into President Clinton's continuing message that a vote for McAulliffe is a vote for the respect of all people, including women.

"Once you accept the fact that nobody's right all the time, honorable compromise is the only thing you can do to keep moving forward. And to do it together," Clinton said.

ABC 13 spoke with Mr. Cuccinelli's camp Wednesday evening and they say the assertions of the Attorney General assaulting women's rights are lies and information that is "skewed" to push voters into thinking that way.

Cuccinelli's campaign also say reports, for instance, that the Attorney General wants to ban contraception are just untrue.