Clinton Campaigns With McAuliffe in Blacksburg

Blacksburg, VA - Hundreds turned out at Virginia Tech Monday to see Former President Bill Clinton's stop in Blacksburg, as he campaigned for Terry McAuliffe.

Clinton is stopping several times across Virginia over the next couple days.

It took President Clinton no time telling the enthusiastic crowd that no matter where the polls have McAuliffe, he would stump for his friend, a friend whose family has even enjoyed vacations with the Clintons long before McAuliffe was interested in politics.

A crowd of nearly 500 people packed into Virginia Tech's Owens Hall to take in the last manic campaigning that all candidates try to pull off going into election week and for Terry McAuliffe. The plan was to save his big gun and good friend, President Bill Clinton, for last.

The two are in the midst of a four day, nine city sweep that is aimed at reminding voters of the one reason, in their opinion, why a vote for McAuliffe is a vote for inclusion and a vote for Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is not.

The two claimed the GOP strategy is all about scare and nothing about substance.

The examples, they say, that prove their position include Cuccinelli suing UVa over "ideological" differences.

They point at Cuccinelli not backing the transportation plan or women's rights.

There are still a handful of stops for the two over the next two days including in Charlottesville and Roanoke on Wednesday.

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