Cleanup & Power Outages Along Two Roads in Amherst County

Amherst Co., VA - Like so many other areas, Amherst County was hit hard by Thursday's strong winds. But the damage seemed to be only in certain parts of the county.

Two side roads were hit pretty bad: Winesap Road and Rising Sun Circle in Monroe, where most of the neighborhood was without power and dealing with a lot to clean up.

"It didn't tear up the whole neighborhood, it kind of had a path," said Ray Burford Jr.

Burford spent the day cleaning his parents' front yard on little to no sleep.

"I got off work at 7:30 and just came out here and started working."

The backyard got hit the worst. Tree limbs came down on a basketball goal, dog house, garden and a powerline.

"It's bad. It was really nice back here, until all of this," said Burford.

Just a couple houses down, Lois Burford is keeping her food cool with a generator.

"I'm hoping everything is saved because ice is still in here," she said.

She has a bucket of water out back so she can flush the toilet.

"I was getting ready to get some hot water so I can wash some dishes."

But Friday afternoon though, she still had no lights and no running water.

"Maybe I can wash them with the cold water."

Even God's house couldn't escape the power of this storm. At the very end of the street, the wind took out the steeple at Rising Sun Church. As the neighbors continue the clean up, they're thankful it wasn't worse.

"What's the saying, things that you can't control. Don't worry about it. We just have to deal with it, that's all," said Randy Gilbert, who was cleaning up.