Cleanup Begins After Lockn' Festival

Nelson Co., VA - The four day Lockn' Music Festival started last Thursday and welcomed acts such as the Zac Brown Band, Phil Lesh, and The Black Crows, just to name a few.

Organizers estimate roughly 25,000 people came out for the inaugural festival, which left workers with a quite a bit of trash to be picked up Monday.

The four days of rock n' roll may be over, but the first day after the Lockn' Festival, there was a lot of work to be done, including getting folks to leave.

Stuart Weaver is with the Alpha Omega Mounted Patrol Service.

"We have to ride up and shake on a few tents, if we have to we will get off and roll someone over to wake someone over to make sure everyone's fine," Weaver said.

Weaver travels to music festivals all over the country, and says waking someone up the day after the festival can be interesting, so say the least.

"Usually it's 'Oh Crap!'. You look straight up, six feet up, and there's a horse standing over you looking down his nose at you," Weaver explained.

Everywhere you look there are mounds of trash. Festival organizers say it will take days to get rid of it all.

"We are leaving no cigarette butt, no wrapper, no glow stick unturned," said Rachel Wells, with Gemini Production Solutions.

Wells is supervising a 50 person team tasked with restoring these green fields to their prior beauty.

"We're hoping to be done by Friday, but we're prepared to be here as long as it takes to make this place beautiful and back to the way it was, if not better," Wells said.

Organizers say they offered incentives for festival goers to pick up their own trash.

For every bag of trash someone turned in on their own, they received points to win prizes. First prize was tickets for next year's festival.

Organizers say they are not certain there will be another festival next year just yet. They hope to be back, but they say there is a long process to go through before that can happen.