Civil Trial Continues Over Wreck That Killed Two Firefighters

Rocky Mount, VA - A second day of testimony has wrapped up in the wrongful death lawsuit involving two Rocky Mount volunteer firefighters.

In July 2010, Rocky Mount's Fire Chief Posey Dillon and former Fire Chief Danny Altice were both killed when their fire truck got hit at a busy Rocky Mount intersection while on an emergency call.

The two men, friends for a long time, now have families on opposite sides of the courtroom as a result.

The estate of Danny Altice is not only suing the woman who broadsided the fire truck with her SUV, but also the estate of then Chief Posey Dillon, who was driving that day, claiming both were grossly negligent.

For a three day trial, overall there were not a lot of witnesses with day two focused on the financial impact on Altice's granddaughter, whom he was raising.

An eyewitnesses to the wreck said in court she could not only hear the sirens coming from at least a quarter-mile away but says the music coming from the SUV was blaring loud, something the driver of the SUV denies.

Separately, Chief Dillon's estate and the woman driving the SUV, Teri Anne Valentine, sued each other.

Those cases have already settled, and now are leaving the two sides on the same side of the courtroom.

The Danny Altice estate is looking for at least $2 million, which the jury is expected to begin considering Wednesday.